«You Are Not Alone»

«You Are Not Alone: Lo-Fi Meditation» and «I See You: Lo-Fi Meditation» are available on Spotify, Apple Music and everywhere music is sold.

LoFi Music & Meditations


Put on your headphones. Close your eyes, lay down if you can and take a moment to rest and be filled.

“I create chill / lo-fi music for soaking, praying, relaxing, getting inspired to be yourself and express yourself."

Tobias Michel, Lovablesounds.com

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Inspiring love, healing

and creativity...

Hi, I'm Tobias Michel, I create «lovable sounds» (mainly lo-fi beats, triphop, chill), to me this music is bringing healing to myself, so I decided to share it with you. I love to create music with and without words to inspire healing, creativity and love for one-self and others.

Please find a comfortable position or even lay down if you can. Close your eyes and let the sounds wash over you. This is not just about songs, music or words, it is about enjoying a moment without time, without disturbing thoughts, filled with rest, relaxation and even healing.

I like calm, creative beats and the stunning, untamed Norwegian nature around me, so I combine everything to express a facet of the all-mighty God, the creative creator of everything, especially of me and you.

You are wonderfully made! Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom, the permission to rest and to express God through your eyes.

Think about that, and listen on your inside as to how you can express God through your life and talents. We are all waiting to see you shine. All the best!

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