Lo-Fi music
with heart.

Prayerful, meditational Hiphop & House music to inspire Healing, Creativity and Growth.

Calm, Creative Beats + Norwegian Nature

Hi, welcome to LovableSounds.com

My goal is to inspire healing and creativity through my music and words. Please find a comfortable position or even lay down if you can. Close your eyes and let the sounds wash over you. I do not know how to describe this, I just do what I feel led too. Some people call it «instrumental lo-fi hiphop», «a different type of soaking music», ...

Norway_winter_ocean_2021Some call it «modern meditation with rhythm» others say it reminds them of «lounge», «chill out» and «triphop». Plus the occasional «house / techno / acid» track.

All I know is that it is not just about songs, music or words, it is about enjoying a moment without time, without disturbing thoughts, filled with rest, relaxation and even healing. To me this music is important to de-stress, recover from life and if I don't make music for some days I start to feel off, unhappy, even something like feeling depressed. So...

I create this chill / lo-fi music for soaking, praying, relaxing, getting inspired to be yourself and express yourself.

LovableSounds_ocean_headphones_2021_v2You are wonderfully made! Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom, the permission to rest and to express God through your eyes.

I like calm, creative beats and the stunning Norwegian nature around me, so I combine everything to express a facet of the all-mighty God the creative creator of everything, especially of me and you.

Think about that, and listen on your inside as to how you can express God through your life and talents. We are all waiting to see you shine.

All the best!

– Tobias, LovableSounds.com

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